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A Purr-fect Thanksgiving

by Sue Marie St. Lee


“Mama, when will Daddy be home with dinner? I’m hungry.” Katie’s nose twitched while prowling the kitchen, hoping to catch the scent of some long-forgotten treat concealed beneath the clutter on the kitchen counter.

“Katie,” Mama answered while folding laundry on the table, “pickings are slim this time of year. Your papa and brothers must travel a little farther to hunt plump and juicy meats, especially after the early snowfall.”

“I’m sorry, Mama. I’m just so excited for our Thanksgiving meal!”

Mama flashed an understanding smile at Katie. “Do me a favor. Fill the stewing pot with water, and start heating it on the stove so it will be ready for the meat when Daddy arrives.”

While Katie shoved aside pots and pans, reaching for the large stewing pot in the lower cupboard, something fell to the floor — a piece of Garter Jerky. Katie blew the coat of dust from it, wiped it with her apron, and plopped the treat into her salivating mouth. Her green eyes widened while her eyelids lowered in slow motion, savoring the palatable delight upon her tongue. She hoped that Daddy’s hunt would produce enough meat to make a batch of Garter Jerky, her favorite treat.

With the laundry put away, the table set, and water beginning to boil on the stove, Katie turned to her mother when they heard creaking sounds from the barn boards. “Daddy’s home!” Katie screeched while running to him.

Daddy set two bursting canvas bags in the sink, and opened them. Katie and Mama’s eyes bulged at the treasure their eyes beheld … one large bass, two garter snakes, three blind mice, and a bunch of Catmint from farmer Gray’s back porch.

Daddy’s tail intertwined with Mommy’s as he hugged her, and purred, “You are my greatest reason for giving thanks.”




Author Bio

Born in Chicago, Sue Marie St. Lee currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and Manx cat. A storyteller since learning to talk, her wild imagination caused reprimands from her mother. Imagination persevered.  

Retired from Finance Management, Sue began ghostwriting until 2019, choosing to have works published internationally, in print and online, under her own name. Her poetry and prose have been published by Spillwords Press.


umairmirxa · November 27, 2020 at 9:36 am

Such a sweet story 🙂

Jim Bates · November 28, 2020 at 6:11 pm

Wonderful story!! Well done Sue Marie 🙂

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