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Story Reviews exclusive to Paper Djinn Press by Sizzle [Dawn DeBraal] and Eger [Julie Eger]

Where magic is pulled from a hat, and during the luck of the draw, your story could be chosen for a unique review.

Keep in mind our goal: Levitating Stories and Those Who Write Them.

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Sizzle, or Dawn DeBraal, lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband Red, a slightly overweight rat terrier, and a cat. She has discovered that her love of telling a good story can be written. She has published over 200 stories in many online magazines and anthologies. She was also Falling Star Magazine’s 2019 Pushcart Nominee.

Julie Eger writes under the names Julie Eger, A.J. Lawdring, and Copper Rose. She perforates the edges of the page while writing, believes anything is possible for those who believe anything is possible, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and a black Golden Doodle. She has raised two sons and has been accused of playing well with others. Credits include seven anthologies at Clarendon House Publications, and numerous online journals and other anthologies. She also understands there really is something about pie.

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