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A Dragon in Waiting by Tom Easton

Point and Counterpoint # 08 – Sizzle & Eger

Review of: A Dragon in Waiting by Tom Easton


Sizzle: Tom Easton, I laughed out loud at the end of this story. It was magical. I don’t know who was more excited at the end, the knight or the dragon? I learned that a dragon can disguise themselves, for I have never seen one, at least not that I know of. There is nothing worse than a lazy dragon. But Shahzi is also a patient dragon and observes. He learns things to make life easier for him. While observing his prey, Shahzi turns himself in to relief for the knight who willingly goes to his death unaware.

Again, I laughed out loud at the ending. For once I can give 5 sizzles, and it means something! And, I am also adding a few puffs for good measure. Nice job Tom, for this most interesting lesson on dragons. I shall be watching closer, for I am an outhouse searcher! But now I will be much more cautious! Thank you for the laugh.


Eger: The beauty of this piece is its simplicity—akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing, only there is no wolf and there are no sheep. Just a hungry, albeit lazy dragon who becomes privy to a bit of information that actually makes feeding time a relief, especially if his choice of food stays well-hydrated and blissfully engorged. Wasting away or consumption, takes on a double meaning in this story. So does being pissed off. When clever is as clever does, the dragon’s prey doesn’t stand a chance. Especially when the dragon is in need and has his own hunger to fill.

I give this story five full sheets of toilet paper off the roll—no one gets the whole roll, not since the shortage they announced in March! I also give extra points for getting the intended to put down the sharp pointy thing before entering the relief zone because swallowing something that resembles a pin cushion would have poked holes in this dragon’s captivating strategy.


Sizzle & Eger


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Priti J · November 17, 2020 at 6:38 pm

Such a lovely review. Insightful and entertaining.

Jim Bates · November 18, 2020 at 8:20 am

Great review!! Very entertaining insightful by both of you. Well done 🙂

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