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Anonymous by Umair Mirxa

Point and Counterpoint # 07 – Sizzle & Eger

Review of: Anonymous by Umair Mirxa


Eger:  I was particularly drawn to this story with its suggestion of the kind of power that lies within a name. I wrote a novel about being called the wrong name, and the girl fought her name until the end, where the truth of her name was revealed in the most innocent of ways. Power is always about control, and the devilish Balt in Umair’s story is wily beyond our initial suspicions.

And the key word here is: lies. If you’re going to trade lies with the devil, you better wear your big girl pants, and not something as enticing as the redhead in this story wears. She thinks she’s clever but she forgot, Balt really is evil. But isn’t that the way it goes? All the nice girls are drawn to the bad boys, especially when they are endearingly drunk – drunk with power. But then, is he really a bad boy, since he does intend to share the redhead with Alexandra? I mean, if he shares with others, he can’t be all bad.

I give this story five blooming roses, for a rose by any other name may not smell so sweet. But then, watch out for the thorns!


Sizzle: There is something exotic about a redhead. Balt smells her before he sees her, like an animal. He chooses a place he calls a pigsty, not expecting this quality of a woman, who drives him crazy in all senses. She wants his name, and there is power in knowing a name. We’ve all learned that in sales, business or the art of persuasion. “That’s a great point, Kevin.” “Well, Kevin, at least you now know the difference …” The draw of her red hair and his longing for passion. Fire, passion, red hair. Coincidence? I think not.

Balthazar gives into a woman he meets in a bar. First, when he surrenders his name to her, he has handed his power over willingly like so many men who desire. Balt says he’s found new treasures. I am not sure that I understand the meaning of that statement at the time it is brought up. She is something new? Exotic? Balthazar is the name of one of the three kings who followed the star to the Christ child, meaning “Baal” or protecting the king. Baal was also a fertility god. So, his name is mighty, meaningful, and ancient.

Balt feels she is too good to be true. Is she a plant? I wondered why he thought she was a trap. Is he a man hunted? The woman toys with him. It has become a cat and mouse game. She has no idea who she plays with; the woman thinks she is the cat when she is actually the mouse. Balt is losing interest for the woman has played him too long, and has waved a red flag in front of the bull. Instinct takes over, he is done with the game.

First, there is conquest, and then surrender. All in a name. Total control. We find out what Balt truly is, and that the one who has handed her power over to him is but a meal for the one he truly loves. I give it five sizzles and a well done “stake.”


Sizzle & Eger


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Julie · November 10, 2020 at 7:11 pm

These reviews are so fun to do! Thanks for supplying a wonderful story Umair!!

Dawn DeBraal · November 16, 2020 at 6:42 am

I am always stunned to see how differently Julie and I see the same story! Thanks, Julie for asking me to be Sizzle!!!

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