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Saving Grace by Sandra Nguyen

Point and Counterpoint # 06 – Sizzle & Eger

Review of: Saving Grace by Sandra Nguyen


Sizzle: Sandra, Sandra. I loved this story. A Brothers Grimm fairy tale that comes through with a lesson giving us hope. There was Grace, Faith, and love – all fruits of the spirit.

Two angels, Death and Satan, battle for a superficial woman’s soul. Grace is vain and she is shallow until a dog attacks her face and changes her world. The love of her life, just as vain as she, only loved her for her outer beauty. When that disappeared, he did also.

The wager between higher beings battling for Grace’s soul as if she is a ping pong ball shows how being human is also being weak. Grace is cared for by her nurse, who lets her live with him, while she hides her face from herself and the world. Grace is exposed to love that is restored through a dog (God) backwards, named Faith. Grace forgets about her face until she is out and about, and offered a job as a swimsuit model, again, after realizing her face has almost been restored. The lure of being the center of attention makes her want to return to her former glamorous lifestyle but when Alastor shows up at the hospital to show off to Azrael that he has won their bet, Azrael appeals to Grace and she makes a choice.

Was it a dream or is Grace being tested yet again when she finds herself back at the restaurant before she was attacked? Faith, the puppy in her vision, comes to Grace on the street, reminding Grace that she must keep the faith. This story had elements of fantasy, moral fortitude, and a good lesson. I enjoyed the story that kept me to the end. I am going to give it five sizzles, a wing, and a prayer for cleverness.


Eger: When the mirror determines one’s worth, there will always be trouble. This story has legs, long beautiful ones but vanity of either the body, heart or mind never serves to make one’s life as glamorous or as easy as they promise, no matter how popular you become. Some would say it’s even worse if they believe you’re ugly. THEY is usually the devil in disguise. But there is something to be said for innocence born of love as good and evil battle for this woman’s soul. No matter what reflects in the mirror, the store window or in a glimpse when passing a shiny vehicle, no matter if it stems from greed, anger or hate, love at its own pace prevails every time, especially when you give up the mirror and look inside instead.

And FAITH, as innocent and endearing as a puppy dog, on a leash no less – is a great thing to hang on to. I give this fantastical story five inner compasses as a guide to one’s heart instead of false reflections from mirrors that tell only half-truths and a pleasant place to walk in the puppy-park to take FAITH out for a daily stroll.


Sizzle & Eger


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Julie · September 19, 2020 at 3:46 am

An awesome moral to this story!

    Sandra Nguyen · September 21, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    Thank you Julie!

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