Nothing Up My Sleeve

Nothing Up My Sleeve by Shawn M. Klimek

Point and Counterpoint # 04 – Sizzle & Eger

Review of: Nothing Up My Sleeve by Shawn M. Klimek


Sizzle: Shawn M. Klimek is the Olympic gymnast when it comes to sticking an ending. He tumbles and flips, somersaults and pole vaults, but it is the ending that he ‘sticks’ every time. I enjoyed the interaction between two con artists, the master and his equal. Which one can blow more hot air? Whose story is bigger, better, all for the right price? This is human nature in a bartering system. If everyone walks away mad, a good deal was struck. I’ve read this story a few times now. It is illusion and magic at its finest. Nice job!

I give it five sizzles and some prestidigitator’s meat. Yes … he made me look up a word!


Eger: Two liars trying to outdo each other! Now this was a story I could sink my teeth into, which is a good thing because the story had some serious meat at ‘steak’. Shawn M. Klimek paints the illusion that they are equals when it comes to the art of deception but there is only one master—the one who knows which end is full of manure! Once you’ve stepped in it, it’s too late.

Sizzle likens the ending to nailing a difficult pose or a tough finish in an Olympic game but I prefer a paintbrush for this one, watercolor, painting an image so subtle that when you see what is really going on, you can’t help but go, “Ah …”

Instead of the word mad, I would describe the interaction as astonished—followed by an ‘Oh sh*t!’ — which is the way a good deal should go for the master of the game. In my mind, I really can hear the trader laughing—Bwahaha!

I am beyond impressed and give Shawn’s 608-word story the Stratagem Medal for Cleverness and myself a dictionary because of all the big words he used, each of them impeccably correct! A truly magical tale! Five stars!



Sizzle & Eger

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