Bougie de Voyage

Bougie de Voyage by P.A. O’Neil

Point and Counterpoint # 03 – Sizzle & Eger

Review of: Bougie de Voyage by P.A. O’Neil


Sizzle: I absolutely love the main character’s name. Lotta Valentine. Lotta is doomed to an eternity of matchmaking only to be forgotten by the people she has paired, after spurning the love interest of a poor son of a witch. That was a big mistake.

Lotta has led this lonely life for one hundred and fifty years, sadly a person named Valentine has no love in their life.

Patt has a beautiful way of unfolding her stories. Lotta befriends a cat who is a woman in disguise sent by a Fae Queen familiar with Lotta’s suffering. Lotta asks the cat/woman what her name is and they respond with the name Bougie de Voyage, or French, for travel candle. Another great name!

I found the story enchanting. Before knowing it would be drawn from the hat for Point/Counterpoint, I messaged Patt letting her know that I wanted to know more about this story. For me, it ended too abruptly just where another story was about to take off. Patt shared with me that this story was cut from a longer one. She felt it was too good not to tell it somewhere else. I agree.

I don’t know how these two characters will get along with Lotta being on her own for so many years and this cat/woman a little on the bossy side. But that story, as they say, is for another day. I give this story several sizzles and a little fairy dust. It was a fun read.



Reviewer’s Note: It may or may not be true that copious amounts of wine could have been consumed while reviewing this story.

Oh, when there is slighted love and a river involved, one just must turn the page!

Never having to grow old seems as though it would be a good thing but alas, there is a catch in this story, and a good one at that—a catch that has to do with a spell. And shunning. The most painful punishment of all, and when you must suffer for eternity with no acknowledgement or recognition whatsoever for a job well done—well, an eternity is just a really long time. But it gets better. Unlike Sizzle, I don’t believe Lotta befriends a cat. She finds she is being stalked by it! But not for the reason you think or because that’s what cats do. Lotta is about to experience the kind of light she has deserved for years, especially with such a long road ahead of her!

If this story was a cat’s favorite treat, I’d give 5 catnips. If it were a Valentine, I’d give it 5 thumping hearts!



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Julie · August 6, 2020 at 2:00 am

A great story! Looking forward to doing the next story review! I wonder which story title will end up in the hat!! 🙂

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