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Please read the following instructions and guidelines thoroughly and carefully to enhance your chances at successful submissions.


christmas tidings!

– Submissions Closed –

Winner: To be Announced on 08th January, 2021 

Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card


thanksgiving treats!

– Submissions Closed –

Winner: ‘The Last Thanksgiving’ by David Green

Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card


halloween tricks!

– Submissions Closed –

Winner: ‘Halloween Horror House’ by Peggy Gerber

Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card


general submissions


Genre: Speculative Fiction [Fantasy – Sci-Fi – Horror – Alternate History – Superhero Fiction]


   1. Flash Fiction – 500 to 1,500 Words

   2. Short Stories – 1,500 to 2,500 Words

   3. Serial Stories – Each Part/Chapter Must be Between 1,000 to 2,500 Words


Submissions to Djinn World are ALWAYS open. 


– Two [2] Stories per Week: Wednesday & Friday

– Each accepted story queued for next available date.

Note: Frequency of publication may increase with number of submissions received.


$5 Amazon Gift Card Each to:

      1. Story of the Month

      2. Author of the Month

– Each submission also earns you patronage points, and a place in the Author Showcase.


Multiple Submissions: Yes. As many as you wish to send.

Reprints: Only if rights have reverted back to you.

Simultaneous Submissions: If you absolutely must.


We ask you do not submit elsewhere any story published on Djinn World for at least one [1] month after the date of publication.