how to become a patron djinn

The success, or failure, of any business venture turns upon one simple idea: patronage.

Bookstores and restaurants, hotels and airlines, large multi-national corporations and even small, independent publishing houses all depend upon their patrons to survive and thrive.

Now, a lot of people confuse patronage with donations but guess what?

You can help Paper Djinn Press grow and prosper, and become a Patron Djinn, even if you cannot, or do not wish to, contribute money. How? Let us count the ways.


But First … Dollar Bills

There is simply no way around it, is there?

Our aim, here at Paper Djinn, is to grow into a paying market, and compensate our authors at professional rates. Each dollar you donate helps bring us closer to our goal.

To give you a clear idea of what we are trying to achieve:


Target Milestone # 1: Reach $150 per Month/$1,800 per Year in Income/Donations

Result: Authors will be paid up-front for all stories they contribute to Paper Djinn Magazine.

[Professional rates will come with a later, much bigger milestone but this gets us underway].


The Written Word

The single most important currency for any publishing house is, of course, the words and works contributed to its publications by authors.

Paper Djinn needs your stories for the monthly magazine, our anthologies, the online portal, and even our contests.


Value for Money

The simplest way to support any business: buy its products/services.

Paper Djinn Magazine is free-to-subscribe in its digital form but we will offer the option to buy a print version of each issue. They will look spectacular on your coffee table/bookshelf, and help us reach our goals.

Most Paper Djinn anthology calls will offer royalty shares until we reach a point where we can pay up-front for stories. The more you buy of these, the more you help us and all the contributing authors.


Get the Word Out

Paper Djinn Magazine offers plenty of space for you to place an advertisement: for your own book, an anthology which features your work or any other product you wish to market to a global subscriber base of writers and readers.

To learn more about how you can advertise through Paper Djinn, please click here.


A Final Word

One of the most effective ways to help is to spread the word.

Subscribe to Paper Djinn yourself, then invite in your friends, family, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, and social media followers.

Say good things about our work, share what we publish, post reviews on your own blogs and on Amazon/Goodreads/Bookbub, mention us on Twitter, and shout from the rooftops.

Most importantly, read what we publish, and if you like a story or two, please do remember to let the authors know.