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My, Oh My, Pumpkin Pie

by Dawn DeBraal


Clara watched her neighbor walking up and down their street. Anya went through the garbage cans, picking out carved and rotting Halloween pumpkins. Their sad faces in various stages of decay looked comical as she stacked them like orange snowmen in the wagon she pulled behind her as she headed back toward her house.

Clara wondered what Anya would do with all those old pumpkins but didn’t ask the woman. Anya and her husband marched to a drum with a different beat that no one else in town could hear. They were strange people.

Just before Thanksgiving, Anya came along with the little wagon, setting pumpkin pies on the doorsteps of all her neighbors. Clara opened her door, greeting the strange woman.

“Good morning, Anya. What are you doing?”

“I’ve made pumpkin pie for everyone on the street.” Clara’s mind flashed back, and she thought about those rotten, moldy pumpkins her neighbor had carted off only a few weeks ago. Thanking her neighbor, Clara tried to keep the look of horror off her face. There was a flash in the sky that distracted her.

“What was that?” She asked Anya Kringle.

“Oh, that was Kris. He’s on his way to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas,” Anya answered excitedly.

Clara thanked her neighbor, picked the pie up from the front stoop, and walked it to the back of the house, emptying the dessert into the garbage can. It was so hard living in the Land of Make Believe.




Author Bio

Dawn DeBraal lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband Red, a slightly overweight rat terrier, and a cat. She has discovered that her love of telling a good story can be written. She has published over 200 stories in many online magazines and anthologies. She was also Falling Star Magazine’s 2019 Pushcart Nominee.


Kelly Matsuura · November 27, 2020 at 9:44 am

Oh, this is very cute 🙂

Jim Bates · November 28, 2020 at 6:31 pm

Loved it!! Way to go, Dawn 🙂

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