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Please read the following instructions and guidelines thoroughly and carefully to enhance your chances at successful submissions.


For Anthologies and Contests, please refer to each individual call on the relevant page.


Where to Submit

Paper Djinn Press currently offers four [4] different routes to publication:

   1. Paper Djinn Magazine – Monthly Digital | FREE-to-Subscribe | Delivered to Your Inbox

   2. Djinn World – Online Portal On Our Website

   3. Anthologies – Flash Fiction/Short Story

   4. Writing Contests – Flash Fiction/Short Story


Who Can Submit

All Authors are Welcome to Submit to Paper Djinn Calls and Contests. However, We Do Strongly Recommend You: 

   —   Subscribe to Paper Djinn

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What to Submit

Genre: Science-Fiction and Fantasy [SF/F] Only


For Paper Djinn Magazine and Djinn World 

   1. Flash Fiction – 500 to 1,500 Words

   2. Short Stories – 1,500 to 2,500 Words

   3. Serial Stories – Each Part/Chapter Must be Between 1,000 to 2,500 Words 


When to Submit

Paper Djinn Magazine – Submissions are now open for:

   1. Volume 01: Chapter 02 | Deadline: November 30th, 2020

   2. Volume 01: Chapter 03 | Deadline: December 31st, 2020


Djinn World – Submissions are ALWAYS open.



Paper Djinn Magazine

   1. Volume 01: Chapter 02 – February 1st, 2021

   2. Volume 01: Chapter 03 – March 1st, 2021


Djinn World

   – Two [2] Stories per Week – Monday & Wednesday

   – Each accepted story queued for next available date.

Note: Frequency of publication may increase with number of submissions received.



Paper Djinn Magazine

$10 [Paid through PayPal] for One [1] Story voted as the best of each issue by our subscribers. Each submission also earns you patronage points, and a place in the Author Showcase


Djinn World

Each submission earns you patronage points, and a place in the Author Showcase.



Available Spots

For Each Issue of Paper Djinn Magazine

   1. Six [6] Flash Fiction – Three [3] Each in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

   2. Six [6] Short Stories – Three [3] Each in Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Multiple Submissions

   – Paper Djinn Magazine – Yes, for separate issues.

   – Djinn World – Yes, please!



Only if rights have reverted back to you.


Simultaneous Submissions

If you absolutely must xD



   – NO gratuitous and/or excessive gore & violence   

   – NO erotica

   – NO fan-fiction or novel excerpts.

   – NO child abuse, rape, torture, and/or paedophilia

   – NO disrespect/insult/discrimination against members of any gender, group, ethnicity, race, nationality, and/or religion



We ask you do not submit any story published in Paper Djinn Magazine until voting is complete, and a winning story has been announced for the relevant issue.


How to Submit

Send your submissions, in Shunn format, as .doc/.docx attachment to: paperdjinnpress@gmail.com 


The document you attach should be titled: [Story Name] by [Author Name]


Your e-mail’s subject line should read:

PAPER DJINN SUBMISSION – [Story Name] – [Author Name]


DJINN WORLD SUBMISSION – [Story Name] – [Author Name]


[ANTHOLOGY NAME] SUBMISSION – [Story Name] – [Author Name]


Please include a short author bio, and one [1] link to your website/author page.