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A Lovely Visitor

by Gabriella Balcom


A brilliant blue butterfly soared by Lillian, flying here and there around the yard before landing on a nearby bush.

“You’re so beautiful,” she murmured, losing interest in the jack-o-lantern she’d been carving for the Halloween carnival. Approaching the butterfly, she studied it. Her eyes widened when it rose into the air and settled on her right forearm.

“Ouch!” She frowned at the sudden, sharp pain there. “Did you bite me? Since when …”

Lillian grimaced when she was bitten once more, and shook her arm to dislodge the colorful visitor but it didn’t budge. She grasped the butterfly by the wings, intending to remove it but it yanked itself out of her fingers, hissed, and turned, flying straight at her.

She gasped, taking an involuntary step backward when she saw its pale, human-like face and bared teeth.

The butterfly landed on her cheek, nipped her, and she brushed it off.

A second one neared her, followed by a third. Lillian waved her arms to shoo them away but they still landed on her, biting her again and again. Blood soon trickled from her wounds, running down her face, arms, and legs.

She screamed, trying to knock her attackers off but even when she dislodged some, they immediately returned, and dozens more appeared.

Lillian tried to run away but they swarmed her. She panicked, lost her balance, and tumbled to the ground.

Searing agony spread throughout her body as the creatures devoured her bite by bite.




Author Bio

Gabriella Balcom lives in Texas with her family. She loves reading and writing, and thinks she was born with a book in her hands. She works in the mental health field, and writes fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, literary fiction, children’s stories, and more. Over 200 of her works have been published or pend publication with several publishers. Her first book, On the Wings of Ideas, came out recently, and she has another novella pending publication by Black Hare Press.

She likes traveling, music, good shows, photography, history, genealogy, interesting tales, and animals. Gabriella says she’s a sucker for a great story and loves forests, mountains, and back roads which might lead who knows where. She has a weakness for lasagna, garlic bread, tacos, cheese, and chocolate but not necessarily in that order, and she loves Mexican, Chinese, and Italian food.


Jim Bates · November 1, 2020 at 12:32 am

Wow!! That’s a wonderfully horrific story. Well done 🙂

Julie · November 1, 2020 at 1:47 am

Oh, I will never look at butterflies the same way again!

Shawn M. Klimek · November 1, 2020 at 3:55 am


Kelly Matsuura · November 1, 2020 at 6:05 am

Creepy! Well done 🙂

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